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Sharpen your Product Leadersip skills with a close-knit community of Southeast Asian product professionals

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🧠What is Product Tonic Lab?

Product Tonic Lab (PTL) is a 4-month, interactive online program focusing on developing your product leadership in Southeast Asia through experiential learning.

In essence: PTL helps people grow as product leaders through growing as a person, with support from a community.

Product community leaders organise PTL for the product community.

🎯 Why Product Tonic Lab?

To progress in your career, you need to develop the ability to influence, collaborate with, or manage others. This is also true in Product.

The more senior your position, the less you’re evaluated on what you create, and the more you’re evaluated on what product everyone around you creates.

In nearly every career progression scenario, the ability to learn new things quickly becomes the critical differentiating skill between hitting a career ceiling versus continual career advancement. Especially when you’re building a career in an industry, that naturally evolves rapidly such as technology.

We believe a program that focuses on coaching/mentoring to safely hone that ability is beneficial for busy product professionals. A Product Leadership program that walks with you the journey to becoming a product leader yourself.

Participants rated an 8.5/10 for the likelihood to recommend PTL to someone.

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